Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my Air Conditioner to remove cooking smells & other odours from the home?
Yes, your Coolbreeze Air Conditioner has a unique exhaust function that allows you to remove odours such as cooking smells, pet smells and generally freshen up the house even during the winter months.
Do I need to open doors & windows when using my Air Conditioner?
The tiled floor seems damp, what’s wrong with my Air Conditioner?
Why does my new Air Conditioner give off an unusual smell?
How much water will my Coolbreeze Air Conditioner use?
Why does water drain from the Air Conditioner every now and then?
Why does water drain from the Air Conditioner when it is turned off?
Can I use the water from the Air Conditioner on my garden?
Do I have to cover my Air Conditioner during winter?