Why CoolBreeze

Why choose CoolBreeze?

CoolBreeze premium quality evaporative air conditioners are designed and manufactured right here in Australia specifically for Australian conditions. The many unique features built into CoolBreeze mean that no other brand comes close to its cooling performance and energy efficiency.
Cost Savings

Cost Savings

Purchase and installation cost is usually half of a comparable reverse cycle air conditioning system. Plus you can save around 80% on running costs compared to a reverse cycle system.


Nothing defines an Australian summer more than the backyard barbecue and our indoor/outdoor lifestyle. CoolBreeze evaporative air conditioning is the ideal companion as it allows free flowing air through open doors making it great for entertaining and cooling your alfresco area.
The Healthy Choice

The Healthy Choice

100% cool, fresh, filtered air through your home means everyone can breathe healthy and sleep easy. Constantly replenishing the air in the home with fresh, naturally cooled air doesn't dry out the skin and eyes and make life enjoyable for hay fever and asthma sufferers.


No ozone damaging refrigerant gas or power hungry compressor motor means significantly less energy consumed, a much lower environmental impact and smaller carbon footprint. CoolBreeze is the natural way to cool your home.

Compliments your lifestyle

100% Fresh air

As CoolBreeze is a 100% fresh air natural cooling system, so it works best with some doors or windows open. Don't worry about doors being left open and kids or pets running in and out! CoolBreeze compliments the indoor outdoor Aussie lifestyle. The optional Ceiling Relief Vent allows you to use your CoolBreeze for times when doors and windows need to be closed.

Cools your entire home

With the low running costs of CoolBreeze you can cool your whole home without the need to decide which 'zone' to cool - everyone deserves to be cool. The kids can sleep easy at one end of the house while you are entertaining at the other. All Cool!


Feels Good...
Saving Money

Evaporative air conditioning is much cheaper to purchase, install and operate than an equivalent reverse cycle system.
CoolBreeze evaporative air conditioning doesn't need to do as much 'work' as a reverse cycle system which compresses refrigerant gas through a complicated, energy hungry, multi-stage process. This is why CoolBreeze saves money at intial purchase and on running costs.
When considering the total cost of ownership over an extended period, the savings with CoolBreeze are substantial.

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Providing a Healthy Home for your family

Breathe Fresh

The unique CooBreeze WaterWise™ auto clean cycle ensures 100% cool, fresh, filtered air throughout your home everyday. That means the whole family can breathe healthy and sleep easy.

Ideal for allergy sufferers

Fresh, naturally cooled air is much healthier for the whole family. The Asthma Foundation recommends air conditioning that supplies fresh filtered air, not recirculated air. Poor indoor air quality is a leading cause of Sick Building Syndrome*. Constantly replenishing the air in the home with fresh, filtered air alleviates these health concerns. (*US Environmental Protection Agency)

Keep pets and indoor plants happy & healthy

Seeing your indoor plants thrive is a clear demonstration of the benefits of using nature's own cooling method in your home. Your pets will thrive too! Without the need to close up your home, your pets can come and go as they like without 'letting all the cool air out'. The exhaust mode is also handy to eradicate pet odours. With low running costs you can keep your pets cool during the day while you're at work - man's best friend deserves that.

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Caring for our environment

Clever design and smart manufacturing processes mean less material and energy used in the production of each CoolBreeze unit resulting in a small carbon footprint.
CoolBreeze natural air conditioning has no nasty refrigerant gases or energy guzzling compressor which means it consumes around 80% less electricity and contributes less to greenhouse gas emissions.
CoolBreeze is committed to a program of Reduce, Re-use and Recycle throughout the manufacturing and distribution process to minimize our environmental impact.

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Reducing your Carbon Footprint